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Summer is shining upon us in its full glory and we have hustled through the busiest time of our career into a sweet summer groove of travel and amazing events. We wanted to share some of the highlights with you and let you know what's ahead!
Up-coming: A short tour in Italy! Oh how we love Italy and we're headed back for the 4th time, we couldn’t be happier! :)
Vivendo la dolce vita!

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Okay guys, here it is, the WORLD PREMIERE of our new video!
Ladies and gents, we have teamed up with the talents of Air Fox Media for this wild and sexy music video, set to the beats of Grammy Award Winning artist Skrillex's  rockin' 'Bang-a-Rang', Like it! Love it! Share it! Enjoy!


YEAH! Makes ya wanna get up and dance right?!
Go ahead, we'll wait for ya...

This is just the beginning of many more awesome videos to come.  Visit our Facebook page for updates on new videos and photos from the road!  Click on that 'like' button ;)

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Thank you again to the great people involved in our events at Lightning in a Bottle, Infected Mushroom at The Avalon, The Beautiful Island of Antigua, M Resort and The Hard Rock, Las Vegas. Also RocRace, and ThePulseSD at The Whiskey Girl both in San Diego!
You all kept us busy, busy in April and May!

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Last May we spent some time at the lovely JW Marriott Desert Ridge and Resort in Phoenix, Arizona for a wild circus adventure expanding over three days!  From dancing girls to silly clowns, to high flying aerial and a caged gorilla, it was a good time had by all!

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From Phoenix we immediately jumped back to Hollywood for an epic event held on the famous Warner Brothers Back Lot.
We provided non-stop entertainment for a crowd of 1000’s.  With a theme of voo-doo how could we go wrong?!  Our unique service stations greeted guests with voo doo dolls, gris gris bags and and exotic tinctures.  There was fire, dancing, aerial, giant puppets, African drumming, monkey chanting even our very own Bayou Bone Band played into the evening.  What a night!

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Lucent joined forces with the awesome Icelandic indie band Of Monsters and Men.  We put on our finest old timey gypsy circus garb and joined them on a beautiful set, complete with a real bear, well kind of ;) From what we could see this is going to be a gorgeous video!    We’ll let you know when it comes out!

Of Monsters and Men Video Shoot

The 4th of July found us back in the sweet, warm embrace of The Bahamas at the Atlantis Resort for their annual celebration.  We had a blast once again!  And we were treated to a fireworks spectacular you wouldn't believe!

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Along the way we have also had events at the SLS Hotel and Greystone Manor for Nexon GamingBroad Center Theatre in Santa Monica for TRUEcar, a roof top, pool side soiree for the launch of the beautiful Roosevelt Lofts in Downtown Los Angeles as well as a private birthday celebration for a big time action star (we’re not tellin’!) at the wonderful Hotel Bel Air in Beverly Hills.  It’s been a busy little summer over here!

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Now we have the absolute pleasure of packing our bags and flying off to Italy for a private, two day event in Rome.  We are truly, truly grateful.  Once we return we will dig in our heals for a rockin’ Fall, we can’t wait!

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Things we recommend:

If you loved The Temple of Consciousness this year at Lightning In a Bottle you will love what The Do LaB is busy creating for you at their Rise and Shine Gathering.  This is a community gathering meant to inspire and reflect.  Rise and Shine will focus on yoga, education, awareness, active participation and compassion for the life we all share.
For more information and to purchase tickets check it out HERE

Thank you for following us, inspiring us and shining your light bright!  Have a beautiful and abundant summer, kick off your shoes and do a little dance in the sunshine.



As we start to pack our bags for another jaunt to the beautiful country of Italy, we remeber this little ditty that appered in the Italian press one upon a time.  Always fun to see your name surrounded by a beautiful language!


Summer Lovin'!

A big wild and windy THANK YOU to Desert Rocks Festival in Green River, Utah!

It was one crazy adventure in that beautiful, rugged Wile E. Coyote terrain of Utah with it's flat stacked, red mountains and stretches of sand. Never a dull moment performing aerial off a giant fork lift!!  By far one of the best performances of our new show yet, thank you to all the new friends we made out there.

We are now feeling the summer heat and planning to pack our bags for a couple over seas adventures! 

We head back for the 3rd time to balmy embrace of the Atlantis Resort for their 4th of July celebration, always such a great event and wonderful people.  After that we polish off that passport for an Italian adventure, che splendido!  With more to come we are definitely feeling the summer lovin'!





Lightning in a Bottle...

Ah, beautiful LIB, a festival we have watched grow and expand beyond our wildest dreams... SOLD OUT! WHOO HOOO!

Congratulations to EVERYONE who dedicated their time, blood, sweat and tears of joy to make this happen.  We are so proud and honored to be a part of the amazing LIB family!!

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If you find yourself in Utah next weekend get yourself to the Desert Rocks Festival! 

We will be headlining on Saturday night at 11pm on the main stage.

This is a great festival with an awesome line up of DJ's, bands, speakers like Michael Pinchback, workshops, visual artists Android Jones and Cary Thompson and so much more...

Click here to get your tickets and get more information:

Desert Rocks 2012

Photo by Curious Josh




Coachella 2012, Lucent Show on The Do LaB stage.  Photo courtesy of Watchara



It’s that time again!  Time for the best, most magical festival in all of Southern California!

Lightning In A Bottle! 
 May 24 - 28 in Silverado, CA
Lucent will be performing our new show “Gateway” on Saturday at 11pm on the main stage.
You don’t want to miss this festival!!! Check out the line up HERE!

Please be sure to visit the LUCENT TEMPLE OF CONSCIOUSNESS while you are there.

For more info on the Temple click HERE 

Coachella 2012.  Photo courtesy of

Join us on Saturday May 19th at the ZANY and WACKY San Diego ROC Race at the
Del Mar Fair Grounds!
Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge 5k will have the “World’s Largest Inflatable Slide” and 15 other epic obstacles!  Come check us out at this insane event! Time slots are selling out so register now!

Lucent invades the Gaslamp Killer Stage at Coachella 2012.  Photo courtesy of Watchara

Check out ROC Race HERE!

The Whiskey Girl, Downtown San Diego

We will be throwing down a little Lucent magic THURSDAY, MAY 31st at The Whiskey Girl in Downtown San Diego for the launch of, an awesome new event coverage and video marketing company, doing it with style!  Come on down if you are in the neighborhood!


Lucent will be headlining on June 9th at the beautiful Desert Rocks Festival in UTAH.

Music, Speakers, Art, Film, Workshops and US!

This is a wonderful festival we are so pleased to be a part of!

Visit their website for details and ticket information  HERE.

Coachella 2012. Photo courtesy of Peter Leal

Oh the places we’ve been…

As you know, we had TWO AMAZING sold out shows at The Palace Theatre. 

This was our collaboration with the incomparable artists HERAKUT.  It was a beautiful melding of two great forces and to see your smiling faces once again inside that majestic theatre for our new Palace show, well, we were nothing short of thrilled.  
Thank you so much for your undying support!

Coachella 2012.  Photo courtesy of

Right after the Palace we packed our bags, costumes, props,  moon, swim suits and all and headed to Costa Rica for the enchanting ENVISION FESTIVAL.  WOW.  What an amazing collection on artists, visionaries, dancers and dreamers. We brought our Palace show to the stage and the reaction was AWESOME!!! Much love and thanks to all at Envision who made this possible!  Can’t wait till next year!!

Coachella 2012. Photo courtesy of Peter Leal

Our home away from home for the last 7 years with the Do LaB… Coachella Arts & Music Festival brought us back for TWO, count ‘em TWO weekends in a row!  Whew!  We created an entirely new show called “Gateway” complete with new, original live music, chorography, costuming, video projections and aerial magic for the 1,000’s of hardcore festival goers.
We always love bringing something wild and different to the polo fields of Coachella.

HERE is a great write up from the LA Times!

Coachella 2012.  Photo courtesy of

During our time at Coachella, we sent in reinforcements to shake things up pool side at

The Hard Rock Hotel for the opening of their NECTAR music festival.  2,000 hot and wild guests splashed and danced with us as we shook a mighty tail feather in the hot desert sun. We look forward to making more waves at the Hard Rock... stay tuned for dates!

 We then turned around and did it again the following weekend at the M RESORT for a private corporate event hosted pool side (that’s the only way to do Vegas).  We brought an abundance of wild characters and fire performance, talking the night over the edge!

Coachella 2012.  Photo courtesy of

Following two more private LA events we packed our bags (and swim suits!) once again and headed to the beautiful island of ANTIGUA for a private show honoring men and women who sell life saving medical equipment for infants in need of quick medical results.  We were blown away by the hospitality and beauty of this island, it was a true honor to be a part of such a wonderful event!

Coachella 2012.  Photo courtesy of

 Infected Mushroom
The Avalon in Hollywood!

We opened up for Mushroom at The Avalon and it was AWESOME.  The house was packed and we rocked it out!  Then Infected Mushroom premiered their new stage show and boy have they tapped into something epic.  It was a great night and we had a blast!